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Project Title: Loc: hiv vaccine trials network
Project Number: 5UM1AI068614-11
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Project Description:
This proposal describes the organization of a comprehensive, multidisciplinary international HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN). Components of the HVTN include a Leadership Coordinating and Operations Center (L. Corey, Contact PI; S. Hammer and G. Gray, PI's); a Statistical and Data Management Center (P. Gilbert, PI) and a Network Laboratory Program (M. J. McElrath, PI). The HVTN's mission is to provide an objective and transparent platform to evaluate candidate HIV vaccines for the prevention of HIV infection in adult and adolescent populations globally. To achieve this, the HVTN will perform safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy trials of candidate HIV vaccines and adjuvants; conduct head-to-head comparisons of candidate vaccines; develop laboratory and statistical approaches to define potential correlates of protection; design trials to estimate the effects of vaccines tha reduce HIV acquisition and reduction in set point viremia transmission; conduct trials of candidate vaccines in special populations, such as adolescents and intravenous drug users; develop standardized risk reduction counseling methods; and collaborate with other NIH networks, federal agencies and non-governmental research organizations to advance the highest quality HIV vaccine research with optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Project Terms:
adjuvant adolescent adult aids prevention alcohol or other drugs use anti-retroviral agents antibodies antigens basic science behavioral sciences bioinformatics biological biometry characteristics clinical sciences clinical trials clinical trials design clinical trials network communities computational biology cost effectiveness counseling data management design detection development disease progression economics efficacy evaluation efficacy testing efficacy trial epidemic ethics evolution gender genes genetic genotype gray unit of radiation dose head-to-head comparison high throughput screening hiv hiv infections hiv vaccine hiv vaccine trials network hiv-1 human immune immune response immunity immunogenicity immunologic markers immunologics improved incidence infant infection infection prevention innate immune response insight international intravenous drug user laboratories leadership measurement methods mission modality monitor mucosal immune responses multidisciplinary named group nonhuman primate novel novel vaccines operation pandemic disease persons phase phase iii clinical trials phenotype politics population pregnant women prevent prevention prevention strategy process programs prototype reagent recruitment activity regimen research research personnel resources risk risk reduction route safety schedule signal transduction site standardization system t cell response transmission process trial design united states national institutes of health vaccination vaccine candidate vaccine development vaccine research vaccine trial vaccines vector viral load result viremia woman work
Project Title: Loc: hiv vaccine trials network
Project Number: 5UM1AI068614-11
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Organization: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, United States, Washington, SEATTLE
Principal Investigators (PI): Corey Lawrence, US
Gray Glenda E, US
Hammer Scott M, US
Project Categories:
Natural Sciences > Aging Diseases and Pathology > Immune system disorders and inflammation
Other Information:
Fiscal Year: 2006
Project Start Date: 29 June 2006
Project End Date: 30 November 2020
Project program: Research Project with Complex Structure Cooperative Agreement
Project Funding Information:
Funding Mechanism: Non-SBIR/STTR RPGs
Year Funding Organization Total Funding, $
2017 NIH - National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases $50,375,222
Project Title: Loc: hiv vaccine trials network
Project Number: 5UM1AI068614-11
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Title FY Funding
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Project Title: Loc: hiv vaccine trials network
Project Number: 5UM1AI068614-11
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Title Journal Year Country Rel
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Project Title: Loc: hiv vaccine trials network
Project Number: 5UM1AI068614-11
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Title Year
Project Title: Loc: hiv vaccine trials network
Project Number: 5UM1AI068614-11
Project web address: Follow on NIH
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