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Project Title: Northeast biodefense center
Project Number: 5U54AI057158-09
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Project Description:
The Northeast Biodefense Center (NBC) is a consortium of >350 investigators in 28 academic and research institutions (many of them in close proximity to one another in the greater NYC metro area), and 13 US based governmental and international organizations. Over the past 5 years, NBC investigators have demonstrated their commitment to working together across disciplines and institutional boundaries in research and training programs focused on biodefense and emerging infectious diseases as well as emergency preparedness. Evidence of productivity includes >160 publications, 15 invention disclosures, 13 patent applications and 5 licenses for product development. This renewal will comprise 42 investigators and 32 research projects organized into 6 scientific theme areas: Passive Immunotherapeutics (chair: Arturo Casadevall, Einstein); Vaccines (chair: John Rose, Yale); Diagnostics and Pathogen Discovery (chair: Ian Lipkin, Columbia); Therapeutics (chairs: Charles Rice, Rockefeller and Howard Shuman, Columbia,); Innate Immunity (chairs: David Levy, NYU, and Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, Sinai), and Microbial Pathogenesis (chairs: Jorge E. Galan, Yale, and Jorge Benach, Stony Book). Biotechnology and pharmaceutical collaborators are represented in the Diagnostics and Pathogen Discovery (Agilent, Akonni, Cepheid, Xynostics, 454 Life Sciences), Therapeutics (Prosetta, Snowdon), and Passive Immunotherapeutics (Regeneron) themes. These industrial links provide not only intellectual capital and resources but also a path for moving discoveries from NBC laboratories to a larger arena where they can contribute to human health and welfare. Additional strength derives from relationships with national and international public health agencies that provide unique access to insights and clinical materials (such as diagnostic samples and PBMC) that enable work that could not otherwise be pursuec. Core facilities will include Protein Expression, Animal Models, and Proteomics. We will also invest in Developmental Projects (innovative pilot projects) and in Career Development and Training Programs that include individual and group career development awards. As a Center based in a School of Public Health and a State Department of Health, the NBC has a firm commitment to and practical understanding of Emergency Preparedness.
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Project Title: Northeast biodefense center
Project Number: 5U54AI057158-09
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Organization: Columbia University Health Sciences, United States, New York, NEW YORK
Principal Investigators (PI): Lipkin W Ian, US
Other Information:
Fiscal Year: 2003
Project Start Date: 4 September 2003
Project End Date: 28 February 2014
Project program: Specialized Center--Cooperative Agreements
Project Funding Information:
Funding Mechanism: Research Centers
Year Funding Organization Total Funding, $
2012 NIH - National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious Diseases $9,384,103
Project Title: Northeast biodefense center
Project Number: 5U54AI057158-09
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Title FY Funding
Pathogenic mechanisms of coxiella burnetti 2012 $363642
Development of new passive immunization strategies for anthrax 2012 $983096
Career development and training program 2012 $677179
Optimization of mabs to staphylococcal enterotoxin b for treatment 2012 $440345
Development of mab immunotherapy for genetically modified plague 2012 $290065
Mechanism and inhibition of dengue and chikungunya virus fusion protiens 2012 $366839
Filovirus inhibitors of interferon signaling: virulence factors and drug targets 2012 $374578
Development of mab therapeutics against biothreat and emerging diease agents 2012 $402448
Identification of interferon effectors that inhibit rna virus replication 2012 $352031
A novel antiviral platform: untimely activation of viral fusion mechanisms will 2012 $302923
Molecular biomarkers for identification of disease stage in lyme borreliosis 2012 $154986
Administrative core 2012 $1596852
Pathogen discovery in emerging infectious diseases 2012 $832044
Animal core 2012 $676051
Protein expression core 2012 $454164
Live, recombinant newcastle disease virus-based vaccine against high pri pathoge 2012 $374462
A genomics based strategy for the discovery and study of new signaling systems... 2012 $349457
Development of novel vaccines for high priority pathogens 2012 $410626
Developmental research program 2012 $606710
A chikungunya viral replicon as a platform for antiviral therapeutics 2012 $327642
Inhibition of innate immunity by hemorrhagic fever arboviruses 2012 $370730
Proteomics core 2012 $137155
Project Title: Northeast biodefense center
Project Number: 5U54AI057158-09
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Title Journal Year Country Rel
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Project Title: Northeast biodefense center
Project Number: 5U54AI057158-09
Project web address: Follow on NIH
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