Alzheimer's disease cooperative study

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Project Title: Alzheimer's disease cooperative study
Project Number: 4U19AG010483-25
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Project Description:
The overall aim of the ADCS is to advance research in the development of interventions that might be useful for treating, delaying, or preventing AD, particularly interventions that might not be developed by industry. In particular, the ADCS has focused on instrument and trial methodology, and the testing of potential therapeutics that might not otherwise be studied by the pharmaceutical industry. For the coming grant cycle, the ADCS will continue its efforts to advance therapeutics through controlled clinical trials, development o novel instruments and trial designs, recruitment efforts (with particular attention to recruitment f minority subjects). The organization will continue its recent emphasis on collaboration and data sharing. Specific Aims: Aim 1: Test interventions to Improve cognition, slow the rate of decline, or delay/prevent the onset of AD. Three of the four projects in this application aim to slow disease progression. Aim 2: Test an intervention to ameliorate behavioral symptoms. We will extend promising early results supporting an adrenergic approach amelioration of behavioral symptoms with a multicenter trial of prazosin. Aim 3: Design new instruments for use in clinical trials. For the present cycle, we have incorporated instrument development into our largest project, the A4 trial. Aim 4: Develop novel and innovative approaches to AD clinical trial design. The A4 trial utilizes a new trial design to test a leading intervention at the earliest feasible stge of disease, preclinical AD. Aim 5: Develop novel and innovative approaches to AD clinical trial analysis. The Biostatistics Core will continue efforts to advance analytical approaches to AD trial design. Work will continue on optimal modeling of longitudinal data, including novel methods to link diverse datasets. Aim 6:.Expand the range of individuals studied in AD studies to include at-risk individuals and those with MCI. The ADCS has focused its methodological research on early-stage trials, and for this cycle, the two largest projects target preclinical AD and mild cognitive impairment. Aim 7: Enhance the recruitment of minority groups into AD studies. For the coming cycle, the ADCS Minority Recruitment Core will expand outreach efforts, and we will require sites to meet minority enrollment targets in our two largest trials.
Project Terms:
actigraphy adrenergic agents affect age aging alzheimer's disease alzheimer's disease risk amyloid attention base behavior assessment behavioral symptoms biostatistics core biotechnology clinical course of disease clinical trials clinical trials design cognition cognitive change collaborations computerized controlled clinical trials cooperative study data data analyses data set dementia design development device or instrument development disease disease progression drug industry drug kinetics effective therapy enrollment epidemic epidemiology europe exercise experience family funding goals grant healthcare home environment improved individual industry innovation instrument intervention laboratory study link meetings methodology methods mild cognitive impairment minority enrollment minority groups minority recruitment minority subjects modeling multicenter trials neuroimaging non-demented novel outreach patient outcomes assessments pharmacodynamics pharmacologic substance pharmacological treatment phase phase 2 study placebos population prazosin pre-clinical prevent prevention process programs publications research research design research personnel resources risk safety sampling studies sharing data site staging testing therapeutic therapeutic trials therapy development trial design underrepresented minority work
Project Title: Alzheimer's disease cooperative study
Project Number: 4U19AG010483-25
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Organization: University Of California San Diego, United States, California, LA JOLLA
Principal Investigators (PI): Feldman Howard, US
Project Categories:
Natural Sciences > Aging Diseases and Pathology > Neurodegenerative diseases > Alzheimer's disease
Other Information:
Fiscal Year: 1997
Project Start Date: 1 July 1997
Project End Date: 28 February 2018
Project program: Research Program--Cooperative Agreements
Project Funding Information:
Funding Mechanism: Non-SBIR/STTR RPGs
Year Funding Organization Total Funding, $
2016 NIH - National Institute On Aging $10,006,406
Project Title: Alzheimer's disease cooperative study
Project Number: 4U19AG010483-25
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Title FY Funding
Med & safety core 2016 $1029425
Recruitment core 2016 $251698
Biostat core 2016 $207468
Clinical operations core 2016 $501124
Biomarker core 2016 $220796
Exercise trail 2016 $697720
Imaging core 2016 $361001
Prazosin for agitation in alzheimer's disease 2016 $1376601
Administrative core 2016 $1812321
Anti-amyloid treatment in asymptomatic alzheimers disease 2016 $3286257
Informatics core 2016 $261995
Project Title: Alzheimer's disease cooperative study
Project Number: 4U19AG010483-25
Project web address: Follow on NIH
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Project Title: Alzheimer's disease cooperative study
Project Number: 4U19AG010483-25
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Title Year
Project Title: Alzheimer's disease cooperative study
Project Number: 4U19AG010483-25
Project web address: Follow on NIH
Title Phase Year
Longitudinal Evaluation of Amyloid Risk and Neurodegeneration - the LEARN Study N/A 2013
Exercise in Adults With Mild Memory Problems N/A 2013