Statistics on scientific grants related to aging in Metabolic and endocrine disorders category

This page presents statistics on scientific grants received by various organizations in Metabolic and endocrine disorders category .
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chart by category:Metabolic and endocrine disorders
Category Projects Funding, $
Metabolic and endocrine disorders 12648 4,484,723,765
  Diabetes mellitus I-type (insulin dependent) 2850 1,339,671,642
  Obesity 1925 515,242,441
  Diabetes mellitus II-type (insulin non-dependent) 1504 418,583,423
  Hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinism 202 43,207,924
  Metabolic syndrome 159 36,417,761
  Gastrointestinal disorders (including long-term gastritis, atrophy of the stomach lining, large bowel disfunction) 91 20,853,089

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