system is a flexible system to enable funding organizations to collaborate, track, analyze, structure, make decisions and set directions for future research efforts in aging and also address the needs of research investigators, health care policy makers, government officials, interest groups and general public.

Please help us build the project and keep it up to date. Please send us your project databases for integration into the International Aging Research Portfolio. IARP is a non-profit initiative, please help us build on hundreds of thousands of volunteer man hours to build a resource for advancing research into aging and age-related diseases.

Please submit your project databases in the following format (delimited text, Excel, Access, XML or any other format)

Field Title Type Description
Project Title Required Title of project
Project Number Required If you have an internal numbering of the project, indicate the project number and an explanation
Project Description Required
Project Tags Required If you can specify keywords of the project, write them here
Principal Investigator (Pi) Required When funding a working group with equal members or infrastructure project, please select the primary investigator, use your own judgement or alphabetical order. Or even better, provide a split between the investigators and their respective insitutions
Other investigators and affiliations Optional
Pi location Required Country, state, city
Pi contact Optional Email, phone, website,address
Research Organization Required For extramural projects, please use the organization of the primary investigator or list the organizations for each investigator in the project
Funding Amount Required In the case that you would like to keep this information confidential or do not have the data, please provide the approximate amount or range. If that is not possible, please indicate “NA”
Start Date Required Start project date
End Date Required For continuous projects, please include “continuous”
Internal classification Optional If you have personal classification of projects, indicate the category to attached projects
Associated publications Optional If you have any article which relates to the project, provide links to these sources
Associated patents Optional If you have any patents which relates to the project, provide links to these sources
Associated news Optional If you have any news which relates to the project, provide links to these sources
Unpublished results/updates Optional
Split by year Optional If you have the ability to split project over the years. We can easily use such a data format.
Other Notes Optional If you have other information about the project, enter it here