Multi initiatives for rationalised accessibility and clean, liveable environments

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Project Title: Multi initiatives for rationalised accessibility and clean, liveable environments
Project Number: CORDIS-86853
Project web address: Follow on CORDIS
Organization: Comune Di Roma, Italy, Roma
Collaborators: University Of Southampton, GB
Barcelona Tecnologia Sa, ES
Highways And Transport Policy, GB
Ente Per Le Nuove Tecnologie, L'Energia E L'Ambiente, IT
Transports De Barcelona Sa, ES
Autoritat Del Transport Metropolita, ES
Agenzia Per I Trasporti Autoferrotramviari Del Comune Di Roma, IT
University College Cork, National University Of Ireland, IE
Disseny De Sistemes I Desenvolupament S.A., ES
Peopleservice S.R.L., IT
Gruppo Interclub Srl, IT
Barcelona Municipality (Sector De La Via Publica), ES
Interclub Service Sas, IT
Sta - Societa Trasporti Automobilistici Spa - Agenzia Del Comune Di Roma, IT
Universita Degli Studi Di Roma La Sapienza. Dipartimento Di Idraulica, Trasporti E Strade, IT
Università Degli Studi La Sapienza - Dipartimento Di Psicologia, IT
Cork City Council, IE
Project Description:
There is a need to act locally both to improve urban quality of life and to contribute to resolving global problems of pollution and oil dependence. The MIRACLE sites respond to this challenge with measures that:1. Provide effective co-ordination between the demonstration sites and the networks coming from the accompanying measures for evaluation and dissemination to be established by the Commission;2. Develop and demonstrate the introduction of radical integrated sustainable urban transport policy strategies, supported by innovative technological infrastructures in real urban situations with large-scale application of innovative technology.For this, measures need to be organised into implementable groups of actions (ie: it is neither practical nor innovative to implement 7 measures and then evaluate each one).Goals are investigated by actions for defined demonstrations areas.There are 4 proposed goals:G1. A significant reduction in emissionsG2. Up-take of targeted types of clean vehicles (esp. electric scooters)
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