Statistics on scientific grants in Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases category

This page presents statistics on scientific grants received by various organizations in Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases category .
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chart by category:Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Category Projects Funding, $
Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases 78774 34,753,792,139
  Diseases of arteries, arterioles and capillaries 14976 6,987,646,808
  Heart failure 6523 2,679,412,033
  Hypertensive disease 2488 800,222,496
  Cerebrovascular disease 997 542,078,818
  Prevention and screening 1753 396,763,666
  Cardiac dysrhythmias, channelopathies and arrhythmias 598 145,617,680
  Diseases of veins, lymphatics and other diseases of the circulatory system 441 126,008,923
  Cardiomyopathy 570 106,852,541
  Myocarditis and heart attack (myocardial infarction) 485 73,669,571
  Unspecified treatment and aftercare 236 42,357,701
  Ischaemic heart disease 155 31,444,362
  High blood cholesterol 94 25,976,328

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